Next-Gen Plasma-Based Propulsion
Next-Gen Plasma-Based Propulsion
The future of propulsion begins at the atomic level - STEALTH MODE.

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The founders of our company come from a military background and have previously ventured into the aerospace industry. Our CEO/CTO is a veteran of the U.S. military, boasting more than 20 years of expertise in aircraft electrical systems and a keen interest in emerging sustainable technologies. Meanwhile, our COO/CMO brings a wealth of knowledge with over 16 years in business, marketing, and public relations, holding a Master's in Business Administration and experience from a successful business exit. Our VP of Operations is responsible for responsible for creating financial strategies while effectively utilizing resources. Also accountable for supporting company growth through investments, assisting in employee recruitment and training.


Our Mission.

ATOMIQ is developing a new propulsion system based on zero emissions using advances in general relativity and quantum mechanics. ATOMIQ was created with a sustainable energy primary focus to offset the needs for fossil fuel since it replaces vehicle technologies that still run on combustion with alternatives that run on magnetohydrodynamics.

Reducing emissions by 2050 is crucial to mitigate the impacts of climate change. The sustainable transportation system has limited range and endurance as vehicles need to carry significant battery weight to be electrically powered. These require large charging infrastructure for their operations. Such weight affects factors such as vehicle performance, payload capacity, and efficiency.

The weight, lifespan, and durability of batteries are the root cause problem of electrical vehicles. Frequent charging and discharging cycles, along with high operating temperatures, can degrade battery performance over time.

ATOMIQ’s technology is unique because it uses magnetohydrodynamics to propel and lift a vehicle without the use of traditional aerodynamics and without the need to carry heavy batteries on board. Continuing to develop new and innovative technologies that reduce the environmental impact of fossil fuels and improve the efficiency of renewable energy sources can help accelerate the transition to a more sustainable energy future.



Lab MATCH Prize Phase I

U.S. Department of Energy Awards $47,500 in Support of Commercializing National Lab Innovations.

March 29, 2024

Atomiq Aerospace Journal (Coming Soon)

Welcome to the Atomiq Aerospace Journal, a cutting-edge platform for the rigorous examination and exploration of mysterious and Unexplained Aerial Phenomena (UAP) that have captured the attention of researchers, scientists, and enthusiasts worldwide. We are dedicated to advancing the field of aerospace engineering and technology.

This journal serves as a hub for researchers, scientists, and industry professionals to share their latest discoveries, innovations, and insights in the dynamic realm of aerospace. We are committed to fostering collaboration and disseminating high-quality research that spans a wide spectrum of aerospace-related disciplines. Our goal is to enhance our comprehension of these captivating phenomena and share insights with the wider scientific aerospace community, spanning from propulsion systems and materials science to avionics, space exploration, and beyond.

We invite researchers from around the globe to contribute their original research articles, reviews, and perspectives, thereby enriching the discourse on the latest advancements in aerospace engineering. Join us in exploring the frontiers of aerospace innovation. Whether you are a seasoned researcher or a newcomer to the field, Atomiq Aerospace Journal is your gateway to staying at the forefront of aerospace science and technology.

In our inaugural volume, we present a featured article titled "Exploring the Relative Nature of Gravity", showcasing empirical experiments that unveil a deviation from the conventional understanding of gravity.

This article is only accessible to the government and military personnel of the United States and Canada. To obtain it, kindly submit a DoD SAFE Drop-off Request via email to

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