February 8th, 2024.

Entry-Level Trilingual Illustrator

Kindly forward your cover letter, resume, and a link to your portfolio to

You will work across our entire 2D and 3D pipeline on concepts, illustrations, UI, visual design, and more, as you join our team of exceptional artists.

Job Description:

Creates visual content that communicates ideas, messages, or stories through artistic and creative skills. Uses various techniques and mediums to produce visual representations that can be used in books, journals, magazines, advertisements, websites, animations, games, and more.

Enjoy Creative Freedom:

ATOMIQ is developing a new propulsion system based on zero emissions using advances in general relativity and quantum mechanics. Currently in stealth mode, ATOMIQ integrates 2D and 3D work from character creation to lab-experiment assets. Since we work in small teams, you will be free to innovate. Be a team player, but let your creativity flow and produce 2D and 3D art.

ATOMIQ is looking for an entry level trilingual Illustrator (set-apart portfolio required) capable of showcasing creativity and technical prowess but also able to demonstrate a deep understanding of visual storytelling and artistic expression. Must have a strong desire to contribute to every creative aspect, take responsibility, and deliver excellent results. You have the skills and knowledge to visualize how characters should look and feel, and you can translate that into a scalable and sustainable creative process.

This is not a remote work. Employee is required to work from our Pittsfield office and travel on site to meet with customers to get a clear image of the environment and capture precise settings and emotions.

Joining us means being part of a team with the passion and inherent drive to create innovative assets. We are intellectually curious and excited to apply the latest developments and innovations to our projects. In this role, you will have the opportunity to be part of an entrepreneurial environment that embraces new and different ideas. All of this means more chances for you to unleash your ingenuity, energy, collaboration, and dedication.


- Able to create hyper-realistic Illustrations so detailed and lifelike that they could be mistaken for photographs. Exceptional understanding of light, shadow, texture, and minute details.

- Can take abstract or complex ideas and translate them into visually compelling and coherent illustrations. Capacity to distill complex concepts into symbolic visuals that resonate with audiences.

- Able to create content that is tailored to specific language-speaking audiences where illustrations need to resonate with local culture and context. Bridging the gap by ensuring that the intended meaning of the illustration is preserved when adapting it to different linguistic contexts.

- Create high quality concepts and illustrations of characters, creatures, environments, and educational materials that cater to language learners, helping them grasp concepts through visual aids in multiple languages.

- Drawing ability in a variety of styles and genres, artistic mindset.

- Ability to develop 2D art for all platforms (mobile, PC, console, next-gen).

- Develop visual concepts and ideas for new games and features that effectively tell a story within a single frame or through a series of images.

- Understanding of composition, pacing, and character expressions to convey emotions and narratives. Can seamlessly adapt their style to reflect different cultures from personal experiences lived from a third world country.

- Collaborate with outsource teams abroad, reviewing and integrating their work.

- Exceptional command over various perspective techniques, such as isometric, fisheye, or distorted perspectives, making the illustrations stand out. Understand and articulate art and design trade-offs.

- Able to create compelling abstract illustrations that evoke emotions or ideas without necessarily depicting recognizable objects.

- Ability to create highly detailed and immersive backgrounds that enhance the overall atmosphere of an illustration. Deep understanding of color theory, composition, and emotional resonance.

- Skillful replication of textures, whether it's fabric, wood, metal, or other materials that can elevate an illustration's realism and depth.

- Able to recreate illustration styles from different eras, such as art nouveau, retro-futurism, or vintage advertising.

- Able to accurately depict complex scientific concepts requiring a combination of artistic skill and a deep understanding of the subject matter.

- Can create highly memorable and versatile icons and symbols that are instantly recognizable and convey meaning with simplicity for branding and UI/UX design.

- Must be able to create both high- and low-poly art assets using various art pipelines.

- Must be able to integrate art assets into Unity or another gaming engine. Able to comprehend and fix bugs related to modeling and texturing.

- Unique personal style and strong ability to adapt to different projects and client needs.

- Keep up to date with industry-related art developments.


- Can communicate effectively in three languages with clients, collaborators, and audiences to ensure that the artistic vision is accurately conveyed.

- 2D-3D-art-focused portfolio demonstrating exposure to different cultures and diversity.

- Personal experience in different literary traditions, folklore, and idiomatic expressions.

- Experience working on high visual quality 2D and 3D design tools.

- Great interpersonal skills; humility and respect when receiving comments from your team.

- Thrive in an environment of independence and responsibility without assigned tasks.

- Passion for character creation and mobile games.

- Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign).

- Strong understanding of typography, color theory, and layout principles.

- Knowledge of print production processes and specifications.

- Knowledge of 3D Software like Maya, Max, Zbrush, Blender, etc.

- Possess strong proactive problem-solving and intuitive skills in 3D Tools creations.

- Knowledge of the various game genres across all platforms.

Trilingual: Italian, Spanish, and English (oral and written, fluent).


The requirements listed in this description are a representation of the knowledge, skills, and ability needed by an employee to perform the essential functions of this job. Management reserves the right to modify, add, change, remove or rescind the work assignments of different positions, due to reasonable accommodation, business changes, or other reasons.

Physical Requirements:

- Must be able to lift 25 pounds.

- Must be able to climb up and down stairs.

- Must be able to sit or stand for long periods of time.

- Regularly required to sit and talk or hear.

- The employee is required to use hands to handle or feel and reach with hands and arms.

- Substantial time will be spent in an office environment with some time at a lab or school environment. Occasionally, there may be incidents involving studio settings in an outdoor environment.

- Chemicals or material handled are in stable state and may have characteristic odors or hazardous properties that require special handling, PPE, as well as awareness of their chemical composition and MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet).

Other Special Requirements:

- Perform job duties in accordance to company and customer specifications, as well as procedures.

- Support cross functional teams and departments abroad as required.

Safety Responsibilities:

- Ensure that all safety procedures are followed.

- Ensure that all equipment safeties are not altered or defeated.

Job Type:

Full Time


Paid time off and sick paid time.


8-hour shift

Monday to Friday



IMPORTANT: All applicants, regardless of experience, must be willing to take and pass a test evaluating your relevant skills.